Benefits and Advanced features of Yii Framework

Many PHP frameworks are lightening up in the web development field with new technologies among programmers to attain success with fulfilled complex requirements of business types. As far as the name suggests, “Yii” stands for “Yes it is” it means nothing is impossible and also represents flexible, simple and user-friendly. Here we have a deep look on it.

Yii is a high-performance PHP framework for creating rapid-performance websites based on any scale of web applications. It is an open source web application framework, which helps programmers to customize the coding in the single line based on their requirements without directly modifying it.

“Yii developer” can make use of this generic web programming framework, which helps you in developing large scale applications with advanced catching solutions. This framework is configured with tools, which help programmers to perform testing and debugging the applications in a clear and comprehensive documentation.

Necessity of Yii framework

This unique framework offers you flexible approach in any platform for building web application effectively and rapidly. It is a best apt for creating websites and web application having high traffic such as CMS websites, e-commerce systems, forums, web portals and other applications.

Developers can make use of this framework to implement advanced caching technique on developing web apps. This framework enables developers to stand out among a horde of other PHP frameworks by implementing its latest caching technique.


This free open-source web application development framework is especially designed for developing various collections of web-based applications rapidly and easily. Yii applications are proved to be a unique resource for developing different business and industry verticals all over the world. This framework has enabled organizations to handle complex web pages and create interactive designs for website in a seamless way.

This platform is configured with high functionalities, rapid speed, confidential security, flaw-less user-interface to satisfy programmer’s needs and requirements. The functionalities of the framework helps in minimizing efforts at the developer’s end and overruled the global market due to its crowning in delivering cost effective and time saving web application to client’s.

Advanced features

This framework is configured with several rich features such as Caching, Scaffolding, Authentication, Testing, MVC, etc. and offers you wide range of niche functionalities.

MVC Design: Developers can make use of this platform to perform the web development process in an organized way via unique separation of concerns based on MVC. 

Web Services: It helps developers in performing the complex task of writing repetitive SQL queries and allows them to convert the database according to laid objects.

Systematic Code Generation: Programmers can easily and quickly generate codes with standard code facilities and completely distinguishes from other PHP frameworks.

Security: Yii framework is inbuilt with high security mechanisms, which act as a shield for protecting websites from hackers in a smartest way.

Error Handling: Programmers can easily identify the project errors and fix the bug quickly.

Final words:

By pursuing its above mentioned features, advantages, and frequent modifications, which satisfy developer needs and requirements while creating highly interactive web designs for clients, hence Yii framework is growing in popularity among other PHP frameworks on the global market.

Reasons that make Yii more popular

Why yii is more popular

Is a framework only meant for the purpose of amateur developers who are not good at writing powerful codes that look so clean? The debate is still on the go. Let whatever be the case, Yii as PHP framework will definitely empower designers in the creation of very best web applications. Yii can be used for the development of any kind of applications that are simple, or complex. Yii can be grouped among the top PHP frameworks that captured the minds of users in a short span of time. A novice Yii developer will surely find exceptional options in this framework to work with. Some of the main factors leading to the popularity of Yii as a framework will be exciting to consider. 

Simple installation process  

The entire process of installation is handled by a refined Composer in Yii. The modules defined in Yii to help front end and back end components are simply superb. Users will find simpler templates that are so smooth to use. All these aspects increase the speed of installation with Yii. 

The use of advanced technologies 

PHP platform has far improved and latest features ranging from SPL classes to late static binding. Luckily, Yii belongs to the category of authentic OOP framework, hence all the advanced features supported by PHP can be implemented using the Yii framework. Yii is loaded with fine methods to create HTML helper class, and easy namespaces. Yii is powered by default directories to create aliases as well. 

Superb Flexibility 

Yii can be extended to any levels as wished by the developers. All the components defined in this framework are flexible. The classes are made to merge so accurately without causing any serious lag to the operations. 

Great Codeception 

This framework as a whole assists developers in the testing process. Closely embedded Codeception simplifies the activity of unit as well as functional checking. All your applications will be automatically tested because of the close integration of Codeception in Yii. 

Powerful security features 

Undoubtedly, Yii is the finest PHP framework when it comes to security. It has all the strong methods such as generate PasswordHash, validatePassword, and genarateRandomKey to ease through the activities of authentication and authorization. Yii is developed with a feature-clustered RBAC to control specified security aspects of applications created by the developers. 

Highly configurable 

Proper customization of applications enables developers to shorten the creation time of applications. In an over all developmental activity of applications, we will have to go through certain tedious recurring tasks that kill the time. Yii has specific tools to reduce time spend on these kinds of tasks. Gii is an instance to the point. It is solid code scaffolding tool integrated with Yii to do proper customization of models, extensions, and CRUD controllers. 


Yii as a PHP framework is noted for fast development. A Yii developer can produce results two times faster in comparison to developers working with other frameworks. It has genuine widget support, database access, cache validating systems, Javascript integration, and built-in Gii tool to assist developers in concerns of security. In addition to all these traits it can be used either as a data access object or as an active record. In short, the popularity of Yii mainly rests upon the speed of web development, and security features it offers, indeed. 

Boost the working of Yii applications by proper use of caching

Succinctly, of all the PHP framework available now, Yii happens to be the one which is commonly used by web developers throughout the world. A Yii developer, enjoys many virtues to make their web applications extra- ordinary in terms of documentation, as well as performance. In short, caching is one such aspect. Proper management of caching is so easy with a good list of methods that are pre-built in Yii. The significance of caching in Yii framework can be summed up in its ability to allow developers to save static data together with SQL/A lively Record queries. If a developer smartly uses this add-on trait they can improve the loading time of web pages. It aids them to save plenty of time when developing applications. Here we can look into the use of some methods that are pre-built in Yii to aid developers in the apt use of caching. 

Enabling of the Cache Component 

For activating the Cache Component in Yii, developers can directly move to the Components array and include a small line of code. Before that the basic activity of opening your relative Config. File in the system should be done. Just assign the array method to the Cache variable and in that array method include the ‘Class’=> system. Caching.CDb Cache” , after that close the method as per following the conventions. 

By specifying the CDbCache in the code snippet, we make sure that we are utilizing one of the Caching Components available in Yii. Use of CDbCache data will aid developers to save the entire cache data in SQLite. This makes the call back of data somewhat faster, as well as very simple to set up. The latest update of PHP provides developers with another component called CAPcCache, which is basically an APC, a pre-built caching system. It does the same function as CDbCache in an advanced manner. The real beauty of this CCache is that developers can switch between the entire Cache Components by just altering the title of the components mentioned in the codes. They do not have to write in new codes all the time for the improved working of their applications. 

A brilliant set of get() and Set()  

When we consider caching as a concept, the storing of variables becomes very important and get as well as set methods help you to do this. While using this get and set methods, developers need to be very careful in the assigning of values. Make sure that no needless values that cause the performance of functions are included in. Developers need to include uniqueID as parameters for doing Simple Data Caching. Both these functions are created with excellent features that can return false values, even if the function you have called does not exist in the codes. Yii also provide empowered ‘if” and ‘else’ classes for checking certain values are cached or not. In addition to these methods Yii has some more methods to delete the stored cached values to the database as well. Use this code snippet to wipe away a cached value in Yii, Yii::app()->cache->delete($id). There is another very useful method to wipe off all values entered in the cache. For that just add, Yii::app()->cache->flush(). All these methods make simpl
e data caching so easy in Yii. 

Query Caching 

At times, a Yii developer has to deal with applications that make too much use of the database. Query Caching is a data caching system to help developers in this affair. Query Caching start working with the defining of a dependency query. What developers should be aware is that they should call this dependency query first before the function they really need. It offers a great help while executing big queries. If we want the details of certain list of things that get updated most of the times, the use of dependency query will be an added assistance. It will only execute the entire function again, if the new entries are made, otherwise it will immediately return the same values very quickly. 

The SELECT MAX(id) method is one such typical instance of query caching. It enables developers to work with database methods that are consistently updated. The Yii Query builder and the Active record are another caching system supported by Yii to assist users in the concerns of ever changing data. During the execution of these methods Yii will first verify the values returned by the dependency query. If the dependency query is returning any new values, other than the ones stored before, then only it will execute the long codes again, and saves the new values to the cache. If not, it keeps on getting the same list of values from the caches, so rapidly. This system makes the big functions work so smoothly in Yii.  


Before caching, a professional Yii developer always needs to be sure with the storing limit of caching system they make use of. Every caching component we use has certain limitations regarding the data storing in caches, then developers should make sure that their values are well assigned, and effectively cached based on the storage limit they deal with. 

What developers find new in Yii 2.0.2?

Yii is a well-known PHP framework developed at the later stages of 2008, but if we close check the security features and documentation, Yii is a framework which keeps on offering developers new possibilities. Yii developers always find very good options to rejoice when they utilize Yii for many of the developmental tasks, for it is loaded with top class features. Recently, Yii 2.0.2 has been released as an updated version of Yii 2.0.1. Let us find what new features developers will receive in the latest version of Yii 2.0.2.

Route Alias. Helper methods

In the old versions of Yii the base frameworks has support for alias while they are used to perform along with file paths as well as URL. Developers will find it great that they will get support for route alias in the new version. Developers get an option to construct an alias for the sole purpose of the route, and they can pass the reference of this alias while they construct the URL. The methods that support the route alias are Url::to(), and Url::toRoute(). The introduction of route alias will serve developers at the situations when the route design does not get properly fixed, and at the change of codes while developing various URLs.

A config. Array for dependent component

Yii has many components that encompass certain properties which are to be configured to form the ID of a dependent component. While doing the unit testing, a developer may find it odd to introduce a new component all the time. The new update will help Yii developers to configure the db property while indicating the ID of certain application components, and while working with array configuration when developing Yii\db\Connection instances.

Immutable slug to help SEO

A new property titled Immutable slug is launched to ease the work of developers who make use of Yii\behaviour\Sluggable Behaviour.If  developers sets this property to be true, they will not have to change the relating attribute value all the times when the sources alter all the times. This happens to be a SEO friendly addition, for SEO analysts do not have to alter the already published URLs that make use of the slug. With the constant change of corresponding values the slug also changes. Now with Yii2.0.2 things are far improved.

New widgets are introduced

A new widget named, DatePicker was introduced to support maximum language fallback. It will be useful while setting the locale language IDs. It helps developers a lot while the widgets fall short of identifying the language files.

A unique addErrors()

A much refined addErrors() in Yii 2.0.2 will assist developers to pass validation errors from one particular model to the other. Just by calling this new method developers can pass error validations from one particular class to another model so easily. 


Yii framework is notable for its security features, as well as speed. With the updated version, Yii developers get more chances to improve their coding to a higher level. Community support which Yii receives is also getting extended at amazing rates these days. It makes Yii a favourite platform for many web developers.

CakePHP or Yii: which is the best framework to use

cakephp vs yii banner

In general, all PHP frameworks that help in the development of websites and applications are good. Starting from CakePHP, you will find any number of PHP frameworks including Laravel, and Symfony play a significant role in today’s website creation. When the question of selecting the best framework comes, developers will be compelled to do the differentiation between all available frameworks. Thus, we find quite common comparisons such as Laravel vs Yii, or Lavavel vs CakePHP so on. Yii is a PHP web framework which has been developed much later, but it proves to be very efficient in many aspects. Let us compare Yii with CakePHP and identify which one assists programmers to build websites as well as applications having next level possibilities. Being frameworks developed with PHP, both have common traits such MVC design architecture, and ORM so on, hence only distinctive features and functions of both these frameworks are mentioned here. 


Exclusive features  

Cake PHP is a flexible framework, developers can even use it with the latest PHP versions. It has very good code generation coupled with extensible caches. Application scaffolding included in CakePHP is the finest. The in built data recognition, and sanitization help all professional as well as novice CakePHP developers a lot. 


CakePHP has a good set of back end tools that can be used for the creation of models, views as well as controllers. It provides programmers with massive amount of themes, modules and lively extensions. It works under MTT license. When we compare the performance of CakePHP with Yii, we will easily realize that Yii is faster. The even though CakePHP developers can generate codes so rapidly, most of the codes are difficult to read and hard to work with.


Selected features 

One of the most important traits which separate Yii from all other PHP web frameworks is the AJAX integrated widgets. The extensibility of Yii is much better compared to CakePHP. When we take the code generation aspect into consideration, Yii has automated code generation, unlike CakePHP. The documentation of Yii is very much refined. It supports Zend, and API. The security features are one step high than that of in CakePHP. In addition, it has separate cache options to handle errors. 


As mentioned early in this article, Yii exceeds CakePHP in terms of speed. It happens to be an open source which works under the license of BSD. For proper functioning Yii needs PHP 5.3, but CakePHP scores high in this aspect. It can be used with PHP 4 or 5. GII is utilized in the creation of MVC. What makes Yii superior to all other web frameworks is the presence of CRUD methods. A Yii developer can easily perform most of their tasks by calling CRUD methods in Yii.  Unlike CakePHP, Yii can be combined with Jquery.  It is superior when comes to security, as well. 

Bringing it altogether 

Cake PHP excels in community support, and availability of professionals, Yii is developed much later, and has excellent features, and fast performance. But when you take PHP frameworks as a whole, factors like hosting environment, budget to back up, technical know-how of developers, and even requirements of the project may act as the decisive aspect. Selecting a PHP web framework which suits your budget as well imminent need, is advisable at the prime.  

What makes Yii a perfect platform to switch from Drupal

When the term “CMS” rings in ears, most of the people familiar with internet technology may think of Drupal. It was such a popular term, and without question one of the finest CMS. Drupal has some excellent capabilities to work with multiple operating systems as well as browsers. Still it is a complex framework,and customization is bit hard. Now the merry days of programming with Drupal are yet to cease. Much refined frameworks like Yii has taken the place of Drupal for its simplified format, improved security, and brilliant documentation. A Yii development company eases up through custom website and application development so swiftly. Web developers find some superior reasons to switch to Yii framework from Drupal, and here are some valid points.

Yii as a framework is developed by including updates done to PHP 5 . It is so well modified that a developer can minimize the use of codes. The functions, modules, and methods used in Yii are so dynamic and purposeful than that offered by Drupal.

If you are developing a website which welcomes a lot of traffic with Drupal, you will have to spend a lot of time. With Yii, the task of website development can be finished within half a time. This platform is loaded with great functionalities that offer web developers plenty of options to save time.

Think that you are a beginner in the field of web development, and then the use of Drupal may seem complicated. The codes included in Drupal are hard ones to cope up with. Pre-set library in Drupal provides developers less features to develop various applications. On the other end, Yii comes with a brilliant collection of pre-loaded tools together with a superb library which even amateur developers can extend as they wish to higher levels.

One of the toughest tasks while working with Drupal is the setting up of databases. Most of the codes that support this task in Drupal are not flexible. Coming to Yii, web developers will find more comfortable mechanisms to handle databases. In terms of security and performance, Yii stands high.

Drupal at large is a pure CMS, not an advanced PHP framework like Yii or Laravel. Hence it lacks modern web creating functions or tools that we can find in Yii.

Drupal can be used for the creation of certain types of websites that are dominantly content driven. Yii is a modified framework which can be tuned to create all types of websites. Even the latest version, Drupal 7 fails to meet the demands of developers as that are fulfilled by Yii.

Reconstruction of websites made with Drupal to Yii is no longer a tedious task. Developers do not have to rewrite a bulk amount of codes. Yii2 is loaded with authentic tools to make the task of web development a fun indeed.

Which is best php framework: Yii vs CodeIgniter?

Yii vs Codeigniter banner

Yii and CodeIgniter are the most popular web frameworks used among PHP developers in the global market today. However, it might be now the question is which framework is more suitable and when it must be used at the right time. Both frameworks to ensure various differences and they are open source.

As it growth and popularity in chart, prominent reason why Yii is a unique framework since it attracts many web developers due to its stunning features like caching, authentication, rapid development, scaffolding, testing, etc. CodeIgniter is best known for its simple and elegant platform.

It will be a hard competition for both developers if you ask which one is the best framework for two. So definitely Yii developers who are expert in Yii will vote for it, whereas PHP developers will vote for CodeIgniter. Both frameworks have turnkey features in which some of them are common.

Comparison between two top most popular PHP frameworks i.e. Yii and CodeIgniter.

Yii is a high-performance modern PHP framework for creating large scale and high traffic web based applications with ultimate open source technology, whereas CodeIgniter is a lightweight framework that perfectly suits for starters for developing full-featured web applications.

CodeIgniter plays a vital role in sharing dedicated hosting platforms and supports common database such as MySQL.  It empowers you in designing your own coding and naming conventions with class name conflicts.

In Yii, error-handling frameworks fix project errors quickly and manage warnings, notices and exceptions based on PHP exception mechanism, whereas CodeIgniter assists you to write the code in a single line without generating any errors by using its validation framework system.

To update the database schema across various web application fields, the CodeIgniter migration is very helpful. Whereas in Yii, its migration tool will retain track of new database schema, migration history and complex migration from a database driven application.

If you want to display static for details and technical data during the code executions, then Yii debug toolbar is very helpful. In CodeIgniter, it is followed by a different way of approach and provides instructions to debug messages, which display statics and technical information without missing inadequacy during code executions process.

One of the significant terms in Yii framework, is CRUD operations, which are built by using gii to generate controllers, models and forms in your web applications quickly. Web developers can make use of these operations to create web applications easily.

Valuable features of Yi are stated as caching, authentication, scaffolding, performance testing, input validation. SQL integration and role-based access control, error handling, cookie attacks, which makes it as unique framework. Although most of these features provided by CodeIgniter that makes it best among developers.

CodeIgniter outperforms most of its competitors consistently in creating web applications, where Yii is the best option for many programmers if they work on the same project. Multilingual websites can be easily developed via Yii, whereas CodeIgniter is not sufficient with certain aspects.


Whatever it may be any framework, it totally based on the developer’s requirements and needs. Among various PHP frameworks, Yii and CodeIgniter are serving as the best framework in the current trend of IT industry. These two frameworks are ranking as top-most in the web development field and a perfect match for programmers. Anyhow CodeIgniter is most favorable these days. Yet Yii has wider scope.